Home Bred Gouldian Finches

Gouldian Finches are some of the most beautiful and colorful of birds. Native to Australia, the Gouldian Finch (a.k.a. Lady Gouldian or Rainbow Finch) is no longer being exported due to their “endangered” status in the wild.

Palm Beach Gouldians is a home based hobby breeder of these beautiful birds which make a peaceful and stunning addition to any aviary. We can design and set up any type of avian environment and provide on-site services in the West Palm Beach area. We manage the design, set up, maintenance for existing or new aviaries of all sizes. We can instruct and guide you in every aspect of cage size, location, and bird compatibility. We provide maintenance around your schedule and the unique needs of your aviary.

Located in Palm Beach County in sunny South Florida, we have a limited selection of quality gouldian finches available. We also breed Red Throated (aka red headed) Parrot finches and Owl finches.

Contact us for our current availability or to be placed on our waiting list.

Our email is: PalmBeachGouldians (at) att.net

We serve the west palm beach area including the western communities and palm beach and are licensed in the State of Florida to sell / exhibit Class III Wildlife.


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